EleMental Skater Skirt

EleMental Skater Skirt

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Cute skirts - not just for skating!

EleMental, loads of little guys (Elements) from the Periodic Table going about their daily business . . .

Wonderful soft, stretchy fabric, holds you in all the right places and "hugs" over any bits you don't want to be bumpy, clever stuff. The shorts are attached, for skating purposes mainly but they make your bum look awesome! they have an uplifting effect from the elastic in the material, skate, dance, twirl, bend over to pick up a penny without bending your knees and not show your "breakfast bits", play ball or anything thing else you want to do - do it in one of these . . 

We love this fantastic material, it absorbs sweat with no marks or dark patches and evaporates it away from the body, told you it was clever.

Waistband is elasticated and the fabric stretches so easily they don't need anything else. The strap belt is mostly decorative, its cute when tied in a bow and in an emergency (non serious) like someone grabbed your skirt in a fistful of rage and ripped out the back of the skirt and half the shorts you can tie yourself back together with the straps, we are thoughtful.

The skirt kicks up over the bum as you move, the more you turn and the faster you turn the higher it will go, sometimes its just fun but it looks awesome if you are skating or doing similar activities or for drunken fun but be wary of the floors and tables and shelves, they come at you from nowhere when your least expecting it.